3rd Class Clumsy Man
Japanese Name: ウッカリー
Romanized Name: Ukkarī
English Name: Ukkari
First Appearance: Chapter 4; Episode 2
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Marine Seaman Recruit
Japanese VA: N/A

Seaman Recruit Ukkari (ウッカリー三等兵, Ukkarī Santōhei)[1] is a Marine soldier who works in Shells Town marine base.


Ukkari is short compared to Morgan and had the standard Marine appearance, including a white shirt and Marine hat.


Like all other Marines in Shells Town, Ukkari hates and fears Captain Morgan. Ukkari became very happy when Luffy defeats Morgan.


During the Captain Morgan Arc, he nearly scratches Morgan's statue and Morgan is about to kill him but then Luffy shows up at the base. Ukkari cheers when Morgan is defeated.


  • His name means "clumsy".

References Edit

  1. One Piece Blue: Grand Data File - page 37 Ukkari's name revealed.

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