Soro (anime version)
Japanese Name: ソーロ
Romanized Name: Sōro
English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Chapter 3; Episode 2
Affiliations: Helmeppo
Occupations: Pet

Soro was Helmeppo's pet wolf and was the main reason that Roronoa Zoro was arrested by the Marines.


Soro was a light brown wolf with yellow eyes. He had small pupils, a brown nose, and sharp teeth. He was also seen drooling.


In the manga, it was only stated that Soro was killed by Zoro after Helmeppo let him run loose in town. However, in the anime this was expanded. Helmeppo came into the town with Soro and scared everyone. They then went into a bar owned by a little girl and her mother. Soro started to scare the customers away. The little girl named Rika then started hitting Soro with a broom but her attempt only succeeds in annoying it. When it attempted to retaliate, Zoro intervened and killed it by throwing a stool at it.

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