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Japanese Name: ロッカク中尉
Romanized Name: Rokkaku Chūi
English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Chapter 4; Episode 2
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Marine

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rokkaku (ロッカク中尉, Rokkaku Chūi)[1] was one of Axe-Hand Morgan's officers at his East Blue base. When Rokkaku refused Morgan's order to kill Rika, Morgan attacked Rokkaku with his axe-hand.[2]


Rokakku wears the normal Marine hat, shirt, and pants, and has tanned skin, with a black moustache and beard.


  • His name apparently comes from a villain in Romance Dawn v.2, a prototypical One Piece manga. This is the only resemblance between the characters. Interestingly, Rokkaku (lit. Hexagon) has a face shaped like his namesake.


  1. His name was revealed in the One Piece Blue: Grand Data File Databook.
  2. One piece Manga and Anime-Chapter 4 and Episode 2.

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