Main SeriesEdit

Robin Wanted Poster
Robin's first bounty, when she was eight years old.
Robin's current wanted poster.
Manga Lil Robin
Young Robin with her dress as colored in the manga.
Anime Lil Robin
Young Robin with her dress as colored in the anime.
Robin at age sixteen.
Blue eyed Manga Robin
Robin with blue eyes as initially depicted in the manga.
Brown eyed Manga Robin
Robin with brown eyes as depicted later in the manga.
Robin color walk
Robin's outfit from One Piece Color Walk 4 Eagle.
Robin arabasta
Robin's outfit from the Whiskey Peak Arc.
Robin's outfit from the Alabasta Arc.
Robin's outfit during the end of the Alabasta Arc, and during the Post-Alabasta Arc (filler).
Nico Robin Jaya Arc
Robin's outfit from the Jaya Arc.
Robin's outfit from the Skypiea Arc.
Robin's outfit from the Davy Back Fight Arc.
Robin's outfit from the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs.
Robin Post-Enies Lobby
Robin's outfit from the Post-Enies Lobby Arc

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