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Gol D. Roger
Young roger
Japanese Name: ゴール・D・ロジャー
Romanized Name: Gōru D Rojā
English Name: Gol D. Roger
First Appearance: Chapter 1; Episode 1
Affiliations: Roger Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain
Epithet: Gold Roger (ゴールド・ロジャー Gōrudo Rojā?),
Pirate King (海賊王 Kaizoku-Ō?, King of the Pirates (English Versions))
Japanese VA: Chikao Ōtsuka,
Takeshi Kusao (young)
4Kids English VA: David Brimmer
Funi English VA: Sean Hennigan
Birthday: December 31st[1]

Gol D. Roger, known to most as Gold Roger, was the Pirate King, captain of the Roger Pirates, and owner of the legendary treasure known as "One Piece". He was also the lover of Portgas D. Rouge and biological father of Portgas D. Ace.


Roger was a tall man who walked proudly before his execution. His most prominent physical features were his curved black mustache, a fierce grin he almost always wore, and his intense eyes. He also had thick black hair and a short thick neck.

Like many other high ranked pirates, he wore a long red captain's coat. Beneath his coat, he wore a blue shirt and had a green sash around his waist. He had a white cravat around his neck, wore dark blue pants, and (unlike most other pirates seen in the One Piece World) he wore what appeared to be black sea boots. Before he turned himself in, he also wore a pirate hat with his jolly roger on it over a yellow spotted bandana. During the Battle in Edd War, however, he donned a dark-blue vest and a yellow sash. He was one of the few people to mirror the stereotypical pirate.

Later on, during a flashback to Roger's first meeting with Rayleigh, it was revealed that Roger looked a lot like Luffy to the point of also wearing the straw hat that Luffy is currently wearing.


Gol D. Roger Profil Image
Gol D. Roger before his full face was revealed.
Roger at the Edd War
Roger during the battle of the Edd War.
Roger in his youth
Younger Roger wearing his straw hat during his first meeting with Rayleigh.
Roger Sprite
Roger's portrait in One Piece: Gigant Battle!.
Roger Fight Together
Roger in the Fight Together opening.

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